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Class Descriptions


Living a Meditative Life

A basic introduction to mindfulness meditation, the foundation practice for developing wisdom. A good way to get started with a daily meditation practice. (pre-register)

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Sitting Meditation Group

Silent sitting and/or walking meditation. An opportunity to practice presence, stillness and acceptance. (drop in, dana)
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Dharma Study Group

Silent group meditation and gigong practice. Discussion of the essential Buddhist teachings and how they apply to our lives. For beginners and experienced meditators alike. A safe, supportive environment for exploring your experience in meditation. (drop in, dana)
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Dharma Yoga with Beth

Slow, gentle hatha yoga postures with an emphasis on breath. Class often includes loving kindness meditation and qigong.
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Half-Day Retreat

Topics vary but include sitting meditation and qigong energy work.

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Opening to Grief

An active process using yoga, meditation, writing and Soul Collage to engage with sadness, loss and change. (Beth, pre-register)

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Other Options
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) by appt.
  • Workplace classes and seminars
  • Private meditation and yoga instruction by appointment

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