What Students Have To Say

“I drive from Plumas Lake every week for Beth’s yoga class. I come away from class feeling peaceful yet invigorated.”
—Claudia Cole

“Beth is a conscientious and effective meditation teacher.”
—Marc Brown

“The meditation practice and your teachings are changing the way I allow my day to day experiences to affect me. I am looking at my experiences much less as good or bad, and much more as just happening. I am so grateful to have come into contact with you. You have truly changed the way I am experiencing my life.”
—Jody Van Rein

“I credit this yoga for cutting my visits to the chiropractor in half.”
—Jan Higdon

“Meditation has diminished my anxiety and claustrophobia so I can travel by plane and enjoy my retirement.”
—Susan Nicoles

“Yoga feels like a friend now, not a taskmaster!  I'm sure there will be confrontations with my ego and will in the future, but for now it is a kinder, gentler discipline, and I will be ready to grow in it.”
—Teresa Moraga

“Meeting monthly with Beth to discuss my meditation practice has been a blessing. I am so grateful.”
—Marguerite Peltier

“Beth is a quality teacher, with much to offer.”
—Eunice Cerezo

“Since beginning yoga I feel much more flexible, balanced, and calm, and have lost a little weight in the deal.  I look very forward to our yoga hour here at work with Beth.”
—Susan Bennett Miller, Department of Consumer Affairs

“I have to say that some of those "hip opener" poses really helped me after our hikes at Mt. Rainier! My husband and son had hip pointer pain but I did not.”
—Anita Scuri

“This style of yoga really keeps me grounded.”
—Anne Mehrer Smith

“Beth is a real person, accessible and true.”
—Diane Wilkinson